The Delicious Tale of my first Ever Pi Day

Oh, Pi day.  How the love of Math and the love of Pie converge into a delicious day for everyone.  Pi (or Pie) day was first organized by a physicist back in 1988, but the day has become much more popular in recent years.  I’d like to share with you all my first Pi day, and how it helped reignite my love of baking.


The first time I found out about Pi-day was when I was in 2nd year at the University of Guelph. I was studying math at the time, and I found a small, tight-knit community with the people that made up my classes.  Most of my time was spent in the Math & Stats study center.  A place where we could meet with each other after class and receive help with homework (I always needed lots of help).

On one particular day in March (the 14th to be exact), I found that the center was full of pies.  Or partially full to be exact; a 14-foot long table filled to the brim with an assortment of pies.  Each and every pie was decorated with either the number 3.14 or π.  Some of the designs were made with leftover pastry while others were made by etching it into the crust.

For a math nerd who loves pies and a good pun, this was heaven.  The fact that it was free to have a slice for Math & Stats majors made it that much better.  However, my euphoria was short lived, I had 2 slices (cherry and apple) before heading home.  Simply put, the pies weren’t that good.  Sure they were fine for a first-time baker, or for someone who doesn’t know about crust or fillings.

I left the center with a mission.  A vow to have good pie before the day was out. Before heading back to the house I lived in I stopped by a grocery store and picked out the ingredients for 2 of my favorite pies:  Apple, and sweet potato.  I quickly got to work making the pies and making sure that the symbol π and 3.14 would be clearly seen once baked.

As the pies baked in the oven, my housemates started coming into the kitchen.  Poking around and sniffing for the source of the amazing smells.  I remember informing them that it was Pi day and their incredulous stares that people would actually celebrate the number 3.14.  However, once they learned that they could have a slice it was all smiles.

I remember this being one of the first times I shared my baking with them, or with anyone outside of family and close friends.  So in earnest, Pi day helped me become a baker and helped me share the gift of food to others.


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