Spelt Croissants

I think croissants are a universal love.  If you walk into a cafe or bakery and you see them on the shelf?  Or if you smell them being baked?  It might be on par with chocolate chip cookies in their appeal.  With this recipe, you’ll be able to make them whenever you want and have all that buttery, flaky goodness to yourself.  Or perhaps you can save a few for your close friends or family members.

The dough freezes really well, so you can just make a really big batch and defrost and bake as needed.

This dough is a bit of a workout, as there is lots of rolling to do.  Timing while rolling is also an issue, try to do it as fast as possible so that the butter doesn’t soften too much.  As with any recipe or skill, the more you practice the better results you will get.  So don’t be hard on yourself if they don’t turn out perfect from the first try!


Now, without further ado.

What you need:


  • 73 g water
  • 6 g yeast
  • 55 g bread flour

Final Dough

  • 95 g water
  • 3 g yeast
  • 95 g bread flour
  • 150 g Spelt flour
  • 35 g sugar
  • 7 g salt
  • 28 g butter, room temp

Rolling in Butter

  • 185 g butter, cold

What you need to do:


Combine all ingredients and let sit for a minimum of 30 min.

Final dough:

Combine all ingredients with starter and mix until smooth.

Using, square baggy as a guide.  roll out dough to roughly twice the length of the bag.  Keeping the width the same.

Rolling in butter:

Making sure that butter is cold, roll out inside baggy.  Make sure that butter is even within the bag and touches all corners.  Remove from baggy and place on top of dough.

Rolling out dough and layering:

Lock in butter by folding dough over top of it.

Roll dough out 15 cm x 30 cm and Double fold dough (dough will be 4 layers thick)

Roll out again to 15 cm x 30 cm and single fold (dough will be 2 layers thick)

Roll out to 20 cm by 42 cm and cut out 9 triangles (marked at 9 cm each along the long side).

Form croissants by rolling each triangle piece.


Let rise for 1.5 hours, covered in a warm place.  Egg wash or milk wash.


Bake at 400 Fahrenheit for 20 min.





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