The 15 minute Pan Steak

Growing up I used to love BBQ.  How can any meat-loving person not love the smell of searing meat wafting into the fresh, warm air?  Well, since moving into an apartment I haven’t been able to bust out a BBQ due to condo rules and regulations so I’ve had to adapt to the situation and learn how to cook a kick ass steak for special occasions (or just because I can now).


Lucky for you, this is incredible easy to do.  You need 5 things to cook a proper steak.  A pan, butter, spices, your steak and a thermometer.  My favourite spice is La Grille by Clubhouse.

Now for selecting your steak.  For this you can really use any steak that you would normally put on the grill, but keep it around 1 – 2 cm thickness.  Anything thinner or thicker will change the cooking times too much.  My steak of choice is a Top sirloin grilling steak at around 8 oz.

What you need to do.

First things first, make sure your steak is nice and dry, then sprinkle it with your favourite steak spice, pepper or salt.  Entirely optional, but salt will bring out a lot of the flavour in your steak.

Now, with your non stick pan, crank it to medium high heat (around 6 or 7).  When your pan is nice and hot melt your butter, spreading it evenly around the pan.

Drop your steak down into the middle and set your timer for 5 minutes.  Now, leave it be.  Don’t touch prod, poke or jiggle your steak until that timmer is done.

With tongs, flip your steak and leave it for another 5 minutes.  Once again, don’t touch it until that timer is done.

Removing your steak from the pan let it sit for a minimum of 5 minutes before cutting into it, or checking temperature with a thermometer.

  • Rare – 125 F
  • Medium Rare – 140 F
  • Medium Well – 150 F
  • Well done – 160 F

If you don’t have a thermometer, you can also check the done-ness of a steak feel.  By gauging the firmness of the base of your thumb (the fleshy area on your palm)

  • Thumb to forefinger – Rare
  • Thumb to Middle finger – Medium Rare
  • Thumb to Index finger – Medium Well
  • Thumb to pinky – Well done.

Happy steak cooking!


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